Stop the Anarchist Witch-hunt is a small collective of legal workers, lawyers, and researchers dedicated to providing resources for anarchists facing federal repression in the United States. The state uses secrecy and obfuscation to spread fear amongst those who challenge it, and we mean to deny them that power.

There is a witch-hunt against anarchists going on in this country. We’re being harassed by the FBI at home and at work, subpoenaed to grand juries to testify against our comrades, and entrapped by agents provocateur. We’re being slandered by politicians and libeled by the media. But we’re not so easily frightened. We are part of a growing movement that challenges state and corporate control, and we stay safe by watching one another’s backs.

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Recent News:

How the State used Jeremy Hammond to hack foreign nations and then put him in prison for it

Yesterday anarchist hacker

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inside the mind of Stratfor, private intelligence agency

Yesterday anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his role in Anonymous. The most notorious of these hacks was of Stratfor, a private intelligence company that exists to provide information about activists to its corporate clients. It is, in the words of some, “the shadow CIA.” Over 5 million of […]

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Ryan Shapiro, FOIA expert

Will Potter has an excellent article on Mother Jones profiling Ryan Shapiro, the notorious “most prolific” filer of Freedom of Information Act requests. Ryan has done an incredible amount of work getting the government to release materials related to their animal rights investigations, and the article covers a few of the tactics he uses to […]

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Illinois jail’s book ban has been lifted

We recently posted that Woodford County Jail had banned all incoming books for all prisoners because of the arrest of two animal rights activists, Keven and Tyler. Now, after an eight day hunger strike and an international media campaign, that ban has been lifted. The report makes the following points about the success of their […]

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Info on SF animal rights grand jury

Bay Area anarchist news site FireWorks has posted an analysis of the current/recent animal rights grand jury that is investigating an animal rights action that took place in Santa Cruz, California in 2008. The short of it is: almost no information is being made public by the grand jury subpoenants. It appears that some are […]

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Woodford County Jail has banned all incoming books

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff are animal rights activists who were arrested in Illinois after their car was stopped and numerous legal items, like bolt cutters and masks, were found within. They have been awaiting trial in Woodford County Jail, Illinois. Perhaps frustrated by the outpouring of public support, the jail has taken the (unfortunately […]

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More information about police investigations of anarchists in NYC

The website Snitchwatch has an analysis of recent information that has been made public about police investigations into anarchist and activist movements in NYC. Perhaps most revealing is this preliminary inquiry request about Dennis Burke, which covers the degree to which Burke was surveilled and makes note of a confidential informant that is likely still […]

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Three reasons against using fingerprints for phones

It’s been revealed that upcoming versions of the iPhone will feature fingerprint authentication to unlock them. This is an awful idea, at least for anarchists, for three reasons: Fingerprints are not secure. As Cory Doctorow covers on Boing Boing, fingerprints make lousy authenticators. They are easily hacked, and, unlike passwords and other authentication methods, cannot […]

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Information regarding the investigation of NYC anarchists

Todays New York Times has an interesting article by Michael Powell describing the police reports on the 2008-09 investigation of NYC anarchists as relates to the Times Square recruitment center bombing: On Reed-Thin Evidence, a Very Wide Net of Police Surveillance. From the article: […]a bomb explodes in a gray cloud of smoke. It is […]

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Government using border searches to avoid warrant procedures

The government is using loopholes in its own procedures to conduct warrantless searches of laptops, phones, and other electronic material, according to a new report by the ACLU. The ACLU sued the US government for violating the first and fourth amendment rights of David House, a support person for Chelsea Manning, by waiting for him […]

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